Huge wild python caught in family’s car engine

This is the terrifying moment a huge wild snake was caught in a family’s car engine in Thailand.

Mechanic Dokchan Kruangpradap received the vehicle after the driver was complaining about engine problems in Phitsanulok province.

However, he discovered the killer snake when he lifted the bonnet and saw the shiny black and brown scales on November 23.

Shocked at the serpent’s massive size, Dokchan called the local snake wranglers to remove it.

The specialists arrived at the scene with snake-catching equipment. Two men used a rake to loosen the snake’s grip before dragging its body out from the engine with bare hands.

Upon inspecting the creature, they found that the python was almost 12ft-long.

After the snake was removed, the specialists placed the reptile into a sack to later free it to the wild.

Dokchan said: ‘I was terrified to find a snake that big in a customer’s car. It’s the last thing I would have expected to see.’