Vicious wild monkey ransacks woman’s room on 30th floor of high-rise in China

A wild monkey ransacked a woman’s room on the 30th floor of a high-rise residential building in southwest China.

Video filmed in Guiyang City, Guizhou province on November 24 shows the hostile primate on tenant Faye Liu’s balcony, baring its fangs at a pet dog inside the apartment.

The simian invader, believed to have come from Qianling Mountain, at first snuck in through a kitchen door that had been left ajar for ventilation. Faye, who was napping at the time, said she heard a loud noise, but just dismissed it as her pets playing.

However, the sound of breaking porcelain prompted her to check the living room. She was about to scold her cat and dog when she saw the vicious macaque tearing through her home.

Faye said: ‘Seeing the mess, I was about to roll my sleeves and scold the dog. Then I saw a big monkey when I turned back.’

The monkey wandered off to a balcony, walking through the kitchen door which Faye immediately locked.

She added: ‘I rushed over and shoved the kitchen door shut or it might have hurt me. However, the sliding door was not locked tightly. The monkey was so fierce that he kept punching and kicking the door.’

The terrified woman called the police to catch the macaque, but it managed to climb down an exposed pipe before the officers could arrive, making off with a stolen dog toy.