German died from electric shock while trying to install fan in the ceiling


A German pensioner was found dead after being electrocuted while trying to install a ceiling fan in his house in Thailand.

Ivanauskas Josef Luzian, 67, climbed up the ladder to install the spinning metal fan in front of the toilet when he allegedly touched an exposed wire on January 29.

The power supply at the safety breaker box had been turned off but there was still a current flowing to the wires.

Ivanauskas’s body was dragged up further to the ceiling with the electric cables tangled around his legs while he was being electrocuted. The fan then collapsed and Ivanauskas fell to the ground.

Ivanauskas’s girlfriend, Jitta Chalad, 35, found him with the wires coiled around his body when she returned to their home in Pattaya.

Jitta said she was out of the house at the time and had warned him not to do it by himself but her boyfriend didn’t listen.

She said: ‘I told him to do it himself and to call a handyman. He was insistent that he could do it himself and save money.’

The frantic girlfriend called the paramedics for help and they arrived with the police but he was declared dead after being checked.

Police found the exposed wires with electrical tape next to the lifeless body of Ivanauskas, who was orginally from Burstadt.

Captain Pinyaluck Sinworawiwat of the Nongprue Police said they are still investigating the case but they believe have died from electrocution due to exposed wires causing a short circuit.

The policeman said: ‘We are investigating the death and have informed the German embassy so they can contact his family in his homeland.’

Ivanauskas’ body was sent to the hospital for a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death.