Stray dog caught on CCTV stealing pastor’s shoe from outside church in Thailand

A cheeky stray dog was caught on CCTV stealing a pastor’s shoe from outside a church in Thailand.

The pooch snuck through the gates of a religious building in Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand on November 27 and quietly made off with Damrong Tamon’s shoe while he was busy on his computer.

Footage shows the brown dog looking into Damrong’s office and apparently making sure the coast was clear before trotting off with the shoe in its mouth.

Church leader Damrong found that his footwear was missing when he was just about to leave for home. He checked the surveillance footage and was shocked to discover the canine burglar committing the theft.

After asking around, Damrong later learned from a friend that the dog was a stray that could be found around 100 metres away from his office.

He went to the abandoned property and found many shoes placed in front of the gate, which he assumed were stolen by the same dog.

Damrong said he has forgiven the dog and saw the funny side of the animal stealing his shoe.

The pastor, from the Mae Sai Church, said: ‘The shoes were a gift from my wife from last year and they are also my favourite. It turns out that this dog has become known for stealing footwear.

‘People said they have seen him carry other people’s shoes. He has a small collection now.

‘Redemption is one of our beliefs, so I hope we can change this dog’s bad habit. However, from now on I will keep my shoes inside to stop them from going missing.’