Brave policeman climbs ladder to rescue python tangled in power lines


A brave policeman climbed a ladder to save a stranded python that was tangled in power lines.

Officers from the nearby police station responded after residents noticed the snaked in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 30.

The reptile had been in nearby tress when it tried to cross the cables before getting into difficulty. To prevent itself from falling, it coiled around the black high voltage lines but ended up stuck.

Officers from Nong Khang Phlu Police Academy cut the electricity then pitched a ladder to reach the python and began untangling the creature.

They pressed the ladder against a firetruck while four officers supported it from below.

One of the cops climbed to the top and began unravelling the snake from the cable using his bare hands.

In less than half an hour, the team was able to save the reptile and took it to the station so it could be released into the wild later.

Onlookers cheered when the snake was saved, thanking the kind officers who volunteered to help the animal.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Phanakon Wongphinit, who helped with the rescue, said: ‘We don’t just catch criminals, we can rescue animals, too. When people ask for help, it’s our duty to be there for them.’