Cheeky stray dog caught on CCTV stealing a pair of jeans

A resident who thought his jeans had been stolen from the washing line was shocked when he checked CCTV – to see a stray dog nabbing them.

Paiwan Lopbamrung did the laundry and left his jeans outside for fresh air in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand on November 28.

However, when Paiwan Nak walked out to collect the piece of clothing it was nowhere to be found. He checked the CCTV and was shocked to discover that the jeans were stolen by a stray dog.

Video shows the mutt sniffing around outside before spotting the black trousers and bounding over to them. It then yanked them down with its mouth and disappeared down the road.

Paiwan said: ‘I was shocked when my trousers went missing and thought a thief had been. That didn’t feel nice. However, when I realised it was only a dog I was quite relieved and saw the funny side.

‘I’m going to close the front gate all the time from now on just in case the dog returns.’