Truck plunges into sea while delivering 22 tons of animal feed

This is the shocking moment a truck plunged into the sea while carrying 22 tons of animal feed in Indonesia.

The out-of-control vehicle crushed a parked motorcycle and smashed through the port’s metal rails before splashing into the water of the Merak Harbor in Banten province on August 13.

CCTV footage shows the truck belching thick black smoke shortly before the accident as the driver – who escaped unharmed – battled to steer it away from danger.

Deden Komarudin, head of the Merak Port Special Sector Police, said: ‘The truck was about to be loaded onto the ship, but the driver lost control because the gas pedal and truck brake had problems.’

Officials who investigated the horror crash said faulty controls caused the truck to speed away in front of shocked onlookers who watched it tumble into the sea.

It was loaded with 22 tons of animal feed to be delivered to the city of Palembang on Sumatra island. The food was ruined.

Police said no one was injured in the accident as the driver managed to escape from the submerged cabin through his open window and avoid drowning.

Meanwhile, the truck and its damaged cargo were retrieved by a crane that same afternoon.