Huge 17ft long python crashes through roof into family’s dining room

This is the terrifying moment a 17ft long python was found in a family’s dining room after crashing through the ceiling.

The enormous reptile had been slithering through the roof of the bungalow in Bangkok, Thailand.

However, the plasterboard gave way due to the weight of the deadly snake, which crashed through onto the ground below.

Shocked resident Naruenat Ketvangkoung rushed into the room and recoiled in horror when he saw the snake on a chest of drawers climbing up the wall at 4 am in the morning on December 28.

He said: ‘It was like a monster. I’ve never seen a snake so big. It was big enough to eat us.’

Rescue workers arrived and tussled with the serpent, which was eventually stuffed into a sack and taken away to be released into the wild.

A second python, which had also been in the roof with the first, was also found in the home the next day.

Naruenat added: ‘I was woken up by the loud noise and though there was thief inside the house. Then when I went to look I saw the big snake.

‘I shiver when I think about what could have happened. That thing had been living in the roof.’

Tens of thousands of snakes are captured each year in Bangkok. Millions more are believed to be living in the city’s sewers, canals, wasteland and bushes.