OnlyFans model arrested over sex video at AIRPORT in Indonesia

An OnlyFans model has been arrested after allegedly filming a sex video at an airport in Indonesia.

The suspect, known by her nickname ‘Siskaeee’, propped up her phone before exposing her breasts and genitals while pleasuring herself.

Passengers carrying suitcases for their flights could be seen behind her at the departure terminal of the Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) in Kulon Progo regency, Java province.

Siskaeee repeatedly looked over her shoulder appearing to check that nobody was watching her. She also adjusted her jacket to cover herself at times.

Footage of the adult stunt emerged online last month and furious locals reported it to police.

Officers began investing in November and the model was arrested at a train station by officers in Bandung City, West Java, on Saturday December 4. She has been remanded in custody.

Kulon Progo police chief Muharomah Fajarini said the video appeared to have been taken before October as airport staff helping with the investigation had recognised a newly-installed road sign from that time.

The policeman also said the suspect was also not wearing a bra or knickers in the video, which ‘suggests she had planned the sex act in advance’.

He added: ‘The video was taken in the parking area of YIA Airport. It was on the second floor of the parking lot, on the west side.

‘It is inappropriate as it shows the woman’s breasts and genitals in a public area. Airports have to maintain high security and this kind of vulgar behaviour is not allowed.’

The police chief said officers had co-ordinated with the country’s Cyber ​​Police team to identify the model.

Airport staff who watched the video said they noticed a circular road sign on a walkway that was installed in October. They believe the video had been recorded after that.

The Yogyakarta Regional Police confirmed today December 6 they had arrested a woman suspected of being the actress ‘in the obscene video’.

Spokesman Yuliyanto said: ‘The suspect was arrested at a train station and she was detained. She was immediately taken to Yogyakarta to be legally processed for her actions which were deemed to have violated the Pornography Law and the ITE Law.’

Siskaeee had previously spoke about how popular she had become after starting an OnlyFans account, which she also marketed through Twitter and other social media channels.

In a radio interview in June this year, she said: ‘I have many fans. They are mostly men. They recognise me when I am outside.

‘My life is quite nomadic and I travel around a lot to different places. There was even a guy who introduced me to wearing a mask.’

If proven guilty, Siskaeee may face charges under both Indonesia’s Pornography Law, with a maximum sentence of 12 years, and the Information and Electronic Transactions Act, with a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

Adult website OnlyFans faced a backlash in August this year when it tried to ban its flagship explicit content.