Burmese workers deported from Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mtpq8xnvnm15wr2/VRP8466.mp4?dl=0

Hundreds of Burmese migrant workers were deported from Thailand on January 30.

Four trucks from the Immigration Bureau were used to deport the illegals workers from Mae Sot province to Ranong in the south. They will also be detained for 21 days before they are allowed back to Myanmar.

Somchai Jitsangob, Immigration Bureau of Ranong said: ‘This is the second batch of migrant workers to be deported from Thailand. The rest of the migrant workers are still detained in Immigration Bureau at Ranong and in police stations at Ranong.’

Somchai said they are waiting for the first group of Burmese workers to be detained and sent back to their countries, before deporting more workers.

Wang, a migrant worker, said he had been working in Phuket, Thailand, for seven years but had never renewed his passport after it expired.

He said: ‘I’m really glad to be able to get back to my home country. I’ve been detained for three months. I really want to get back to find work in my own country and will never return to Thailand again.’