Disabled dogs given custom-made wheelchairs in Thailand

Disabled dogs were given custom-made wheelchairs in Thailand.

Animal lovers gathered to help make wheelchairs for the handicapped pets in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Saturday December 11.

The volunteers built 15 recycled wheelchairs using PVC pipes, plastic wheels, and straps, with each finished product costing 500 THB.

In the video, the dogs are seen having their measurements taken to ensure that the free wheelchairs they will be receiving fit well. One pooch was recorded happily walking next to its master despite its hind legs being paralysed.

Dog owner Puthai Tapin, 48, said: ‘I was happy when I found out about this wheelchair project. My dog was just hit by a car and this wheelchair helped him walk again.’

Wheelchair for Animal project founder Chattakhan Hongsa, 34, said: ‘The aim of this project is to help the animals in need. Some pet owners may have been affected by the pandemic and could not afford a wheelchair from the market.’