Thai street food seller’s wacky FIRE TEA attracts customers

A Thai street vendor sells pours ‘fire tea’ to attract customers.

Using gloves to protect his hands, stall owner Komsan Prangtong, 51, pours a stream of the flaming liquid between two cups to create a mini fire waterfall while entertaining mallgoers in Trang province, southern Thailand.

He performs in front of his shop while his son stands behind the counter to make milkshakes and tea for other customers.

Komsan said that he started performing in 2018, when an increase in tea shops and cafes caused his income to plummet. To distinguish himself from other tea stalls in the market, he thought of the unique gimmick of setting his beverages ablaze.

He said: ‘Sometimes customers can’t see my stall, but since I started to make tea with fire, I see more visitors walking over to the shop to watch me.

‘I used to sell 150-200 cups per day, but with the fire performance, I am now selling 700-800 cups. When a customer buys tea from me, they can watch me perform once before receiving their drink.’

Komsan currently owns two stalls, one in Trang province and another in the Thai capital, Bangkok.