Ten-year-old boy rescued after falling into a 30ft deep well in the Philippines

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/09d1ni3913leuys/VRP8499.mp4?dl=0

A 10-year-old boy was rescued after falling into a 30ft-deep well in the Philippines.

Footage shows rescuers descending the narrow hole in Iloilo province on January 20 afternoon.

The boy fell after standing on top of the well’s cover to reach the clothesline as he had just finished taking a bath.

However, the wooden frame gave in to his weight and broke down before he was plunged to the bottom of the hole.

Fortunately, there was only a little water in the well he fell or he would have drowned.

He shouted for help until his parents heard him and rushed to call the firefighters for help.

Upon arriving, the team installed a pulley system over the hole so one of their members could climb down and take him.

A brave rescuer was supposed to take an oxygen tank with him but the hole was too narrow and didn’t fit despite multiple tries.

As they did not want to waste time, the rescuer decided to go down without any special safety gear except for a rope tied to his body.

Another rope was also prepared for the boy with a discarded tire attached which the boy could hold onto.

After around five minutes of descending, the rescuer finally reached the boy and they were able to come out of the hole in less than 15 minutes.

Fire officer Mart Adrian Santacruz, the brave rescuer in the video, said he was relieved when he found the boy at the bottom without any serious injuries.

He said: ‘If he was hurt it would have been harder to extract him. He followed my instructions well so we were able to come out smoothly.’

The boy was taken to the hospital by an ambulance waiting outside where he was given treatment for minor bruises and scratches.