Huge wild python regurgitates family’s pet cat in Thailand

A devastated family watched in horror as a huge wild python regurgitated their beloved pet cat.

The massive snake pounced on the feline named ‘meow’ before it was found crawling under the metal gate of a house in Surin province on December 7.

Farmer Chalom Suksabai, 65, went to look after hearing his dogs barking loudly and discovered the hungry python crawling into his property. He tried to drive it away by dragging the gate, but it only slithered further into his home instead.

Fearing the aggressive reptile might hurt pets and children in the area, he called the local snake wranglers for help. They found the 8ft-long python, which reportedly weighed 20 kilograms, hiding under some dried leaves in Chalom’s garden.

The specialists dragged the snake out onto the street and saw its belly bulging.

Video shows the shocking moment the sated snake stretched its jaws and regurgitated its last meal – the pet cat named ‘meow’ it had preyed on earlier.

The snake is believed to have slithered in from a nearby sugarcane field adjacent to the residential area. Villagers also reported having seen other snakes before and losing their pets.

Chalom said: ‘There are many pythons in the area. This one was very violent. Our poor cat was not strong enough to defend itself. I’m not surprised the snake was able to eat it.’

The rescue team carried the snake away in a sack to study its behavior before freeing it to the wild.