Toddler has mystery disease causing huge tumour under her chin


Pictures: FTP

A toddler is suffering from a mystery disease that causes lumps to grow under her chin.

Eighteen-month-old Princess Loraine Satuna was born with the tumour that originally just a tiny bump but grew as she aged in Batangas province, the Philippines.

Her mother, Joy, signed a waiver at the hospital after giving birth saying that the family would not proceed with treatment because they did not have money for the medical expenses.

More than a year later, the toddler grew up to be a playful child but the lump has gradually worsened and now covers almost half of her face.

The tumours are benign but are obstructing the girl’s facial bone development and cause her difficulty when eating.

Her teeth have also been affected by the tumour as it continues to grow out of her chin and had spread throughout the lower portion of her face.

Worried about her daughter’s condition, her mother wants to take the girl back to the hospital to proceed with treatment.

However, as she and her husband only earn the minimum wage of around 400 pesos (8.33USD)per day, the couple still does not have enough money to pay for their daughter’s health needs.

Speaking on Tuesday (Feb 2) Joy said: ‘We have never found out what the disease is. We feel bad about not having money to pay for the treatment, but we don’t have a choice.

‘I only work as a caretaker while my husband is a farmworker. When I look at my daughter I feel hurt. I am powerless to do anything.’

The distressed mother is now appealing to good Samaritans for help so they can continue her daughter’s treatment. The exact cost is not known, but the parents believe they will need at least five thousand dollars.

She said: ‘My daughter is a playful child. She is always having fun despite her condition. I want her to grow normally so I hope someone can help us.’