Dramatic moment mother and two children get STUCK on level crossing before dodging speeding train

This is the dramatic moment a mother and her two children barely dodged an oncoming train when their motorcycle was stuck on a level crossing

The mother tried to ride over the tracks but did not have the strength to get over the gravel and metal lines in Lumajang Regency in the province of East Java, Indonesia, on Thursday December 9.

CCTV footage shows how the woman tried to force the bike across but it could not generate the power on the loose surface to make it to safety.

The youngest boy fled when he looked to the right and saw the train thundering towards them while the mother and elder daughter frantically tried to free the stuck vehicle.

However, the bike remained stuck in the gravel forcing them to abandon it and dive to safety just seconds before the speeding train struck.

The motorcycle was dragged down the tracks and flung out into nearby undergrowth. The mum and her children were not injured but their ride was severely damaged after the incident.

Police from the Lumajang district station arrived at the scene to check what caused the accident. They ordered local council officials to inspect the crossing.

Inspector Mohammed Lestari said: ‘The mother was very lucky especially because she had children with her when the accident happened.

‘We have interviewed her and we do not believe she did anything wrong. She was very shaken by the accident.

‘The relevant authorities are now inspecting the crossing to assess how it can be made safer.’