Huge centipede walks on woman’s FACE while she sleeps

This is the terrifying moment a huge CENTIPEDE walked across a woman’s FACE while she was sleeping.

Pakamat Buasuan was in bed next to her children and husband when she was woken by something brushing against her cheek.

She sat upright and turned on her smartphone light but was unable to find anything. Her husband then switched on the lights on to check what was happening. As the room lit up, Pakamat flipped her pillow and found a large dark centipede moving on the bed.

The couple watched back their CCTV and were horrified to see the 12” long creepy-crawlie probing Pakamat’s face while she was sleeping in Pattaya, eastern Thailand, on December 7.

Footage shows the venomous creature crawling across Pakamat’s neck and the side of her face before it disappeared under her pillow.

The shocked mother said: ‘I thought I was only dreaming, but when I woke up I felt a strange pain in my neck. I was shocked when I found that it was a centipede. Luckily it didn’t hurt my children.

‘I feel sick when I think about it. I don’t like bugs. I’m worried another could crawl on my face while I’m sleeping.’

The couple managed to kill the centipede before it could hurt anyone. After the incident, they moved the bed away from the wall to prevent other creatures from climbing onto it.