Hero cops wade through freezing lake to rescue trapped dog in Spain

This is the moment two half-naked Spanish cops waded into a freezing lake to rescue a dog trapped in the ice.

The rescue took place in the province of Huesca in the north-western Spanish region of Aragon on December 7.

The footage shows the two hero cops rescuing the dog from the icy lake after stripping off and wading into the freezing water.

They have been identified as Corporal Jerome, 28, and Officer Abraham, 41, both stationed at the Canfranc post and on duty in the area at the time of the call.

Corporal Jerome said they were alerted by radio about a woman reporting that her dog had fallen into a frozen pond and could not get out.

The officers’ access was made difficult by the large amount of snow in the area and they saw the dog, named Shiro, howling in the pond with clear signs of distress.

The Spanish Civil Guard said: ‘We received notice around 11am that a dog fell in a reservoir. The Canfranc patrol went into the water to carry out the rescue.’

Corporal Jerome said: ‘At one point, we came to the conclusion that our state of health and physical condition were strong enough to risk saving the dog.’

Police spokesman Sara Carnicer, 49, said: ‘The officers were on duty and at about 11am they received a notice of a dog in a water reservoir and went to the scene.

‘It took a long time for them to arrive because of the amount of snow, and a woman was waiting there to tell them where to go.

‘The dog was exhausted and could not get out, he ran away from his owner and fell through the ice and was trapped in the hole. He did not have enough strength to break the ice and was growing very tired.

‘The officers decided to go in the water for him. They first asked for rope, but noticing that the animal was in a precarious situation, they waded into the water with a stick.

‘There was three centimetres of ice in some places, but the rescue was carried out in less than five minutes.

‘The officers took off their clothes to prevent them from being weighed down, allowing them to move quicker through the water.

‘The first one to go in was Corporal Jerome, 28, followed by Officer Abraham, 41.

‘The dog, named Shiro, had ran away from his owner and fell through the ice.

‘When the officers rescued the animal, they covered him up. He was fine, but slightly nervous.

‘They went back to the woman’s house to check the documentation, and the dog did not want to leave them.

‘They were very grateful for the affection and did not think twice about saving the animal’s life.’