Hamas supporters march through Gaza on groups 34th anniversary

Footage shows Hamas supporters marching through Gaza to mark the groups 34th anniversary on Friday December 10.

Thousands joined the mass rallies that started after Friday prayers in Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip.

The participants raised pictures of Hamas martyrs and the movement’s banners, amid the participation of Qassam fighters.

Mahmoud al-Zahar, one of the leaders in Hamas, said in a keynote speech in Gaza City, that the marches today were ‘an affirmation of commitment to the principles’ and that ‘the land of Palestine does not decrease an inch from it’. He said that ‘Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians, east and west of it’.

The militant leader stressed that the movement’s launch is the beginning of a new phase of the resistance, which ‘began writing the document of the victory of the Palestinian people over the occupier’.

He saluted the leader of al-Qassam, Muhammad al-Dhaif, who responded to the call of the people of Jerusalem, The leader said the ‘battle of the sword of Jerusalem was the beginning of the decisive battle for liberation’.