Monkey injured after being hit by car rescued by kind locals


Kind motorists stopped to save the life of a monkey after it was hit by a car while trying to cross the road.

The male primate was lying unconscious in the middle of the road after an alleged hit and run incident in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A passing motorist saw the wild animal while they were travelling through the forest and checked if it was still breathing.

The monkey was alive despite its injuries so he called the park rangers for help. It had bruises on its head and a wounded right leg.

A rescue team arrived at the scene to give first aid to the animal before taking it to a clinic so veterinarians could further check on its health.

Now, the monkey has recovered and is still staying at the facility while officials at the Srilanna National Park inspect the road where the animal was hit on January 10.

Park chief Poopichit Chuaybamroong said they are now installing warning signs to remind drivers to slow down as several wild animals live in the area.

He said: ‘We’ve already put in warning signs so drivers will be reminded to be more careful when they are passing in this area.

‘During the week when the monkey was hit, a group of monkeys were spotted. It may have belonged to that group that was trying to cross together when the vehicle passed.’

The monkey is now in stable condition and will be released back to the area after it has fully-recovered.