Tourists stranded on fairground ride after power outage

Tourists were stranded on a fairground ride after an unexpected power outage hit an amusement park in Thailand.

The revellers were left hanging on the still-swinging ‘Hurricane’ attraction when the electricity was cut in Pathum Thani province on December 10.

Below them, a group of visitors waiting in line for the ride had gathered. They recorded the scary incident on their phones.

Onlooker Mipon Srisopa said: ‘At first, I thought the staff stopped the ride on purpose to make it scary, but when I looked around I saw that the park’s fan was not working too.’

The park’s fan whirred back to life as power was restored a few moments later. The amusement ride stayed stationary while its passengers waited to be taken down to safety.

They were reportedly trapped for two minutes before the amusement park staff came to rescue them. No one was reported hurt from the incident.