Disgusting moment man takes off his clothes and masturbates in a laundrette

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jm1vl06n6f9qkdp/VRP8619.mp4?dl=0

A man took off his clothes inside a laundrette and masturbated in front of shocked customers in Thailand.

The unidentified man, estimated to be in his twenties, was covering his face with a face mask when he walked to the washing machine area at the shop in Chonburi province on February 2.

He then took off his clothes leaving only his cap and mask before stroking his genitals in front of two frightened customers.

The two women were sitting by the waiting area and frantically fled the shop when the pervert appeared to approach them.

Out of panic, they climbed out the windows to escape and left the man alone on the self-service laundromat.

They later returned to their laundry but the man was no longer in the shop.

They contacted the owner to report the incident and filed a complaint to the local police.

Speaking in the video, one of the women says: ‘He approached us and checked to see if other people was around. I was so scared and quickly escaped.’

‘I really hope someone catches that man because my apartment is near the laundromat and he might do something more dangerous next time.’

Officers are now investigating the case and searching for the identity of the man.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Theerachet Thichat said: ‘The owner of the laundry shop made a complaint about the behaviour of the man. From the surveillance footage, it looks like he committed public indecency.

‘We are checking CCTV cameras from the shop and those in the street to see where he went.’