Horrifying moment huge python is caught eating family’s pet cat

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This is the horrifying moment a family found a python eating their pet cat.

Mongkol Gotilaong, 49, rushed to his backyard after hearing the moggy, named Simba, shrieking in Chachoengsao province, Thailand on February 2.

The house owner was shocked when he arrived to see the python coiled around Simba’s body. Mongkol tried to prod the 10ft long python but within moments, his pet had already gone limp and died.

Soon after, the snake bit the feline’s head then started slowly swallowing its body.

Devastated owner Mongkol called the animal rescuers for help as the wild python was too big for him to handle.

When the team arrived, the snake had swallowed most of the cat’s body with just the hind legs left sticking out of its mouth.

The rescuers waited for the animal to finish its meal before securing its head with a noose attached to a pole.

They said that it would not be possible to catch the snake while it was eating and had to wait until it finished its meal.

When the reptile’s neck was lassoed, one of the volunteers proceeded to grab its body and place it inside a sack.

Mongkol, who was grieving over the death of his pet, thanked the rescuers for helping.

He said the cat was playful so he let it out in the backyard but he could not find it in the morning until he heard it screeching.

He said: ‘My cat was still playing around yesterday, but today it disappeared. I heard some cried, opened the door to the backyard and found the python around my cat, and then it was in its mouth.’

The rescue team left the property with the reptile which will be released in the wild.