Pervert monk banished after massaging half-naked women with an egg to perform exorcisms

A pervert monk has been banished after he started a bizarre exorcism service – massaging half-naked with an egg.

Prawat Traikaew, 79, was recorded performing the seedy ritual in Wat Don Ngew temple in Ubon Ratchathani province, northeastern Thailand.

He was seen rubbing his female customer’s privates with an egg, supposedly to drive out bad spirits and lift curses that he claimed were bringing bad luck into her life.

Customers were told to lift up their tops and pull down their trousers while they lay on the ground and the pensioner set to work.

Prawat claimed that villagers from Thai and neighbouring Laos, both men and women, had requested him to perform the exorcisms for them. They paid him five Baht (0.11GBP) for the service.

However, angry colleagues and locals complained to Buddhist chiefs and Prawat was on Monday December 13 ordered to leave the monkhood.

In a desperate attempt to shame him, one of the monks even recorded the exorcisms and appealed to have the pensioner disrobed.

The temple’s abbot Kampon Tanwiro said: ‘I had already warned Monk Prawat about his indecent actions, but he did not listen to me so I reported it to the district clergy. However, I have not heard back from them until now.

‘Many people visit the cell to receive the exorcism. It’s not safe and it could increase the spread of Covid-19. Health workers have also asked him to stop, but Monk Prawat has refused to stop.’

The Nataan district clergy has now ordered Monk Prawat to leave monkhood, but the monk-cum-masseuse said he will ignore them. Instead, he has promised the clergy that he will stop performing the ceremony and move to a different temple.

Monk Prawat defended his makeshift exorcisms. He said: ‘I only ask for five baht to perform the exorcism. Villagers are free to pay me as much as they wish to. There is nothing wrong with me wanting to help the villagers.

‘This whole thing is a misunderstanding. These women are never alone with me. I don’t touch them with my hands, I bless the chicken and ducks’ eggs and rub it on their body to pull out the curse.

‘I know who has been recording the videos and I knew they were doing that. I never stopped the person from recording me as I’m not doing anything wrong.’