Villagers make fires to keep animals warm as temperature drops in northeast Thailand

Villagers made fires to keep animals warm as winter brought cooler temperatures in northeast Thailand.

Locals around Phang Huey and Phu Laenka mountain were seen keeping warm around the fire after the temperature dropped to 10 degrees Celsius in Chaiyaphum province on Tuesday evening December 14/

They also made a fire to keep the farm animals warm while people in the area complained about the lack of winter clothing.

Villager Prasat Duangkaew, 58 said: ‘In the morning we have to start a fire to keep warm and when it gets late, we go and sit under the sunlight. At night, we have to use three blankets.’

The temperature in Chaiyaphum province is forecast to drop in the coming days.

Thailand is currently going through its cooler winter period where temperatures in the north of the country fall to single digits while in the capital Bangkok they can fall to the mid-teens on cold nights.