Wild monkey survives electric shock which flung it to the ground

A wild monkey miraculously survived a powerful electric shock which flung it to the ground in Thailand.

Rescuers found the heavily injured primate motionless on a road in Chai Nat province on December 2.

It was still breathing, but had sustained severe burns from the electrocution. The primate’s body also bore abrasions from hitting the rough asphalt after falling.

Heartbreaking footage shows the unconscious monkey, with nearly all of its fur fried black, being taken to a medical facility.

A villager reported seeing the primate climbing the power lines before fiddling with a fuse that zapped it. The villager said: ‘I don’t know where the monkey came from. Before the accident, I saw it walking along the electric wires.

‘It grabbed the fuse and was electrocuted. It fell down from about three metres and lost consciousness.’

Local officials came to the young monkey’s rescue and rushed it to veterinarians for treatment.

After days of receiving medical care, the monkey has started to show signs of improvement, despite being visibly silent and fatigued. Arrangements are now being made to move it into a nursery for further recovery before it is released back into the wild.