Unlucky motorist’s wheel falls into open manhole while driving in Thailand

This is the moment an unlucky motorist’s wheel fell into an open manhole while driving in Thailand.

Dashcam footage shows a pickup truck driving over the manhole cover and causing it to come loose in Samut Prakan province on November 11.

As the truck sped away, the cover flipped open and hit a car driving just behind.

The piece of metal was sent flying 10 metres away while the sewer hole was left open on the road. The motorist tried to drive forward, but ended up plunging the front wheel of his car into the opening.

The driver, Keng Pichit, said: ‘I think the cover flipped open because it wasn’t placed on the ground properly.

‘I heard there have been similar incidents happening in the same place, but the cover has still not been fixed.’