Thai delivery man arrested for ‘trafficking wildlife on social media’

A Thai delivery man was arrested for allegedly trafficking protected wildlife on social media.

Officers arrested the suspected animal trader named Phasut, 22, for his reported violation of the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act of Thailand. He was caught in a house in the capital Bangkok’s Bang Rak District.

The wildlife crime suppression team conducted a sting operation on November 29 and arranged for an appointment with Phasut to buy a bulbul, a type of wild bird that can be found in Africa and Asia.

Upon arriving at the meet-up point, they reportedly found Phasut carrying a cardboard box containing eight bulbuls. The undercover agent confirmed Phasut’s identity and asked if he was the same person selling wildlife online, before revealing himself to be an officer and arresting the alleged trafficker.

Phasut led the officers to the rooftop of a three-storey commercial building where he was storing the wild animals. There they seized as evidence 84 bald-headed bulbuls, five bird cages, and two other steel cages.

Phasut, who works as a delivery man, allegedly admitted to the crime and said he had obtained the bulbul birds ‘from the north.’ He also reportedly confessed to buying wild birds from illegal traders on Facebook. He has been remanded in police custody.