Embarrassed Thai man with penis stuck in padlock needs firefighters to save him

An embarrassed Thai man needed firefighters to save him after getting his penis stuck in a padlock.

The heavily-tattooed local was taking part in the bizarre sex game with a woman at his home in Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday night December 13.

He clamped the metal hardware accessory around his member which then reacted badly and started to swell uncontrollably.

Humiliatingly, the woman fled while the man in his 30s scrabbled around for the key without success.

Volunteer firefighters arrived and spent 20 minutes trying to cutting away the metal.

The man, known only by his nickname Boss, told the rescue team he was in pain because the lock had been stuck for a few hours.

He said: ‘I was just fooling around with my friend. I was excited and didn’t think about the key. She left when it was stuck.

‘I tried to look for the key but couldn’t find it. My penis was hurting so I couldn’t look any more and called for help.’

A rescue team volunteer slid a piece of flat metal between the loop of the padlock and the man’s penis. They then used bolt cutters to try and cut the metal.

However, they were unable to get a firm grip and told the man the only option to avoid going to the hospital would be to find the keys.

He rummaged around his room in the nude while trying each loose key he could find and eventually had success.

Rescuer Khun Nanbodin said: ‘The man’s penis was very swollen and it was getting worse. Thankfully he called us quickly so there was no serious damage done to his organ.

‘He admitted that he had done this before but that time he didn’t have a problem. We told him not to do it again because it is not safe.’