Impatient motorcyclist hit by speeding train after slipping through level crossing barrier

An impatient motorcyclist was hit by a speeding train after he slipped through a level crossing barrier in Thailand.

CCTV video taken at a railroad in Bangkok on December 13 shows motorists waiting for the train to pass as the safety barrier was lowered.

But one wayward biker apparently decided to break traffic rules and drove around the barrier to reach the other side faster.

Footage shows how he lost his balance on the motorcycle after being caught on the tracks, putting him right in the path of the oncoming train.

Sparks flew as the train connected with the vehicle and man and his two-wheeler were flung to the side of the railroad. He then smashed into another biker and knocked him off his feet.

The suspected traffic violator managed to survive but was injured. He was taken to the Camillian Hospital for medical treatment.

Authorities said the train’s bumper fell off and its air duct was damaged from the accident, interrupting its route. It reportedly had to dock at the Makkasan Station for repairs.