Toddler falls from motorbike after accidentally pressing accelerator in Thailand

This is the moment a two-year-old girl fell from a motorbike after accidentally pressing on its accelerator in Thailand.

The toddler was reportedly waiting on the motorcycle while her father visited a shop in Surat Thani province, southern Thailand on October 12.

The girl, wanting to be with her father, tried to climb down the two-wheeler. But while trying to steady herself, she accidentally grabbed the motorcycle’s throttle handle, causing the bike to roll forward and topple over.

She then fell head-first to the ground while the roar of the engine alerted her father to the accident. He rushed to push the vehicle upright and carry his wounded daughter to safety.

The child had minor injuries and went back home with her dad to have them treated. 

Shop owner Somsak Pansatitwong said: ‘I want this to be a lesson for every parent to take care of their children. If her father were more cautious, the outcome would have been different.’