Motorbiker drags woman on the road ‘after dispute due to a traffic accident’ in China

This is the shocking moment a motorbike rider dragged a woman on the road allegedly after a traffic accident dispute in China.

The man named Zhao was recorded driving along a road in Yulin City in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on December 11 while apparently dragging a woman named Zhou on the asphalt for several metres.

The lady, who was lying prone on the ground, clung onto the bike’s luggage rack as concerned motorists honked for Zhao to stop.

Guilin traffic police said Zhou suffered minor abrasions while her clothes were damaged from being pulled on the rough road.

Zhao reportedly surrendered to the Public Security Bureau, and was slapped with a 200-yuan (23 GBP) fine. He is said to have been placed in administrative detention for 10 days.