Rescue teams flee as Mount Semeru volcano erupts again in Indonesia

The Mount Semeru volcano in Indonesia this morning erupted for the second time this month

The mountain sparked panic when it was seen spewing clouds of hot steam and ash shortly after 9.30 am local time in  East Java province on Thursday morning December 16.

The eruption of the mountain shocked rescue teams who were searching for victims from the earlier eruption on December 4 which killed at least 48 people.

Footage shows them evacuating the area amid fears of being caught in the eruption.

Rescue worker Djati Cipto Kuncoro, Head of the BMKG Tretes Geophysics Station, said ‘there was a large lava fall’ and the sound of the eruption.

He said search and rescue teams started running for safety. It is not yet known whether this eruption caused any casualties.