Loyal pet dog wears pink apron and hat to help on owner’s watermelon stall

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0h4f64px4oo2cn5/VRP8768.mp4?dl=0

A loyal pet dog helps her owner sell watermelons while wearing a pink apron and hat.

The sweet dog named Cola sits beside the pet owner at the back of a pickup truck as she prepares the fruits in Suphanburi province, Thailand.

Cola, a black Siberian Husky and Labrador mixed-breed, even has a tiny pink apron and hat to wear while greeting customers who buy the fruit.

The sweet and smart dog has become popular in the neighbourhood so many people visit the stall to greet her.

Cola will roll over on the ground to let children pet her stomach and always stays calm around people.

Nang Niyom Hong, the proud pet owner, said the dog goes with her whenever she sells fruits and entertains customers.

She said: ‘When customers arrive, Cola will clasp her front paws together to greet people.

‘She will also wag her tail to welcome and say goodbye to the customers who buy our food.’