Terrifying moment giant PYTHON is found curled up in family’s toilet in Indonesia

This is the terrifying moment a huge python was found curled up in a family’s toilet in Indonesia.

The 10ft long wild reptile is believed to have slithered through the pipework and emerged in the u-bend in the bathroom at the home in Bogor Regency, West Java province on Tuesday night December 14.

The shocked owner discovered it when she went to the loo and shrieked at the size of the serpent, which was staring back up at her when she lifted the lid.

Concerned neighbours rushed to help and tried to pull out the snake using a wooden stick, but the serpent’s size made the task harder. They had to call the emergency services to get rid of the giant serpent.

Arman Riyanto, Commander of the Bogor Regency Fire Department Rescue Team said: ‘We received the report at around 10:00 pm. Not long after, a rescue team was dispatched to the location.’

The team of four people had difficulty removing the deadly python as it slipped deeper down the toilet bowl.

They eventually had to dismantle the entire toilet to retrieve the reptile – a process that took more than two hours. The evacuation was successfully carried out past midnight.

Arman said: ‘This snake entered the toilet through the sewer pipe. It has been taken to the Bogor Regency Fire Department.’