Disabled dog can move around again thanks to wheelchair made from children’s bicycle in Gaza

A disabled dog can move again thanks to a wheelchair built from children’s old bicycles in the Gaza Strip.

Lucy, a stray pooch whose hind legs were paralysed after being hit by a car, was given a wheelchair made from the colorful wheels salvaged from a kid’s bike.

Volunteers from the Salalah Association animal shelter fitted the incapacitated pooch with a harness attached to the wheelchair’s metal frame. They also tucked her legs over the tires to keep them from dragging on the ground.

Heartwarming footage shows Lucy playing with other dogs in the compound as she happily rolled around, supported by her new wheelchair on Sunday December 19.

Proud animal caretaker Said Al-Aer said: ‘With the simple tools and meagre equipment we had in the Gaza Strip, we made a wheelchair for Lucy from wheels and a leash.’

The volunteers are working on building more wheelchairs to help other disabled animals in the shelter walk again.

Said added: ‘There are some 20 disabled dogs here inside the reserve, and there are also some cats that need help.’

The charity is aiming to help 32 disabled animals in the same way by using recycled materials. The organisation says they are looking after 12 dogs with missing limbs or paralysis and 20 cats.