Three Bengal tigers born at zoo in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Three Bengal tigers were born at a zoo in Chiang Mai, Thailand on January 7.

The 10-year-old mother Mimi gave birth to two male cubs and one female cub at the Tiger Kingdom in the town of Mae Rim.

Eight-year-old father tiger Mongkol stayed by her side in a cage with blankets and a heater to keep them warm.

Veterinarian Satreeporn Wongkati said: ‘All three Bengal tigers are healthy, they will be vaccinated so they will be immune to diseases. ‘

‘Most Bengal tigers can produce six newborns per year so it’s rare for this to happen.’

Kochagorn Chaiyabut, Managing Director of Tiger Kingdom, said that the Bengal tigers were born during Covid-19, which means that there are going to be fewer tourists to see them.

He added: ‘There used to be 200 to 300 tourists per day visiting the tiger centre, but now the numbers and just a few every day.’

Despite the difficulties of getting tourists to visit a tiger center, Kochagorn said she will show off the cubs on social media so fans can follow their progress.

She plans to promote the newborn tigers during Valentine’s Day and hopes that more locals will visit the tiger centre in Chiang Mai.