Eight injured after bus crashes into fence on icy road in Russia

Eight people were injured after a bus crashed into a fence on an icy road in Russia.

The bus driver reportedly lost control and skidded into the parking lot of a residential building in Saratov City on December 18. The vehicle wrecked the fence and bulldozed seven parked cars in a residential area.

Eight people, including the 44-year-old bus driver, were injured and taken to a hospital for treatment. A 24-year-old man who suffered polytrauma was said to be in a critical condition.

Local safety department head Yuri Yurin said: ‘At the intersection of Novouzenskaya and 2nd Children’s Passage, the Saratov-Zhirnovsk regular bus flew off the road. So far, eight people have applied for medical assistance. In addition, seven parked cars were damaged.’

The regional ministry of transport said the bus was ‘not a regular bus’ as it did not follow the standard intercity routes of the Saratov bus station.

It said: ‘None of the Saratov bus routes run through Kumysnaya Polyana – this is prohibited. The carrier is a non-resident. This bus does not apply to regular services.’

Police are now carrying out investigations into the incident.