Unisex toilet blocked because people are misusing it in Vienna, Austria

This unisex toilet that costs nearly 500,000 Euros in the Austrian capital Vienna has been blocked because people are constantly misusing it.

The ‘LooPi’ toilet has been closed because users were said to be constantly clogging it and using it for defecation, despite its intended use as a urinal only.

The massive steel box is located in the Esterhazypark in the Mariahilf district of Vienna, between the House of Sea aquarium and the Torture Museum.

A large metal toilet bowl rests in the middle of the portable loo. On the cubicle’s walls, a user guide saying the toilet can only be used for urine was posted.

Envisioned as a green solution, the toilet reuses flushed water by cleaning and treating it. Because of its futuristic features, the ‘LooPi’ toilet cost a staggering 468,649 Euros and has attracted outrage for its extravagant price.

Critics also said the LooPi, despite being touted as a unisex toilet, has no actual seating which women can use. It can reportedly also only take up to 30 litres of urine every day, beyond which the system overflows. Lastly, a built-in sensor allegedly causes the door to lock itself automatically when temperatures drop below zero.