Car dodges out-of-control truck sliding backwards down hill in Thailand

This is the moment a car dodged an out-of-control truck sliding backwards down a hill in Thailand.

Off-duty policeman Panya Chula was on a road trip with his daughter and his friends in Nakhon Ratchasima province on December 12.

However, when he reached the three-way intersection while driving uphill, his daughter spotted the large truck reversing and careering towards them.

Panya immediately honked the horn to warn the pickup in front of him. Both vehicles managed to avoid the collision which was seconds away from hitting them.

Dashcam footage shows the 18-wheeler slipping backwards before smashing into a residence’s concrete wall.

He said: ‘I remember my daughter asking me ‘What is that big car?’ I turned my head and was shocked to see the truck sliding towards us.

‘If we did not move the car backward in time, I believe my daughter and I would have been severely injured.’