Heartwarming recovery of paralysed dog that can walk again

Heartwarming footage shows the transformation of dog that was paralysed after an accident before finally being able to walk again thanks to its loving fur parents.

Whity, a three-year-old pooch that lives in Cabarroguis town, Quirino province in the Philippines, was hit by a car in 2019. The incident damaged her spine and and rendered the left part of her body paralysed.

Her owner, Deb Marcena Brutas, said Whity was bedridden for a month, unable to move due to her injuries. However, thanks to her kind fur parents who nursed her back to health, Whity miraculously made a partial recovery. She could walk, run, and play with other dogs, but had to drag around her limp hind legs on the ground.

Despite her disability, the energetic pooch remained cheerful and would later become an internet celebrity after Deb posted videos of her antics on social media.

A Good Samaritan named Iranny Bayle Legazpi contacted Deb to have a wheelchair delivered for Whity on November this year. Heartwarming footage shows Whity roaming around on a grassy field while supported by the pink wheelchair.

Deb said: ‘Whity is alright and well now. She’s very happy and loves to roam around when she’s on her wheelchair.’