Hero fisherman saves ‘suicidal woman’ after she leapt from bridge in Thailand

A hero fisherman saved an allegedly suicidal woman after she leapt from a bridge in southern Thailand.

Locals called the police after spotting the middle-aged woman standing on the edge of the Sarasin bridge in Phuket province on December 21.

However, the woman had already jumped into the water when the officers arrived. They found her struggling to stay afloat.

A fisherman, who happened to witness the dramatic situation unfolding, sailed his boat closer to save the woman. Video shows the heroic passerby hoisting the lady up from the water.

Officers provided first aid to the woman, identified as Duangrat Banjerdkan, 41. They found minor injuries on her body that were caused by the impact when she hit the water.

She thanked the fisherman for saving her before being taken to hospital to be treated by medics.

Police captain Chokchai said: ‘Duangrat will be sent to the hospital to make sure she’s healthy. We will be questioning her once she’s recovered.’