Hero rescuers save kitten stuck under motorway bridge in Thailand

Hero rescuers saved a kitten stuck under a motorway bridge in Thailand.

Kind locals were feeding stray animals under the bridge when they heard the female cat’s cry in Saraburi province, Thailand, on December 20.

The rescue team arrived at the scene and found the two-month-old animal trapped in a crevice near one of the concrete bridge columns, almost five metres above the ground.

They used different tools to approach the kitten – from ladders to cherry pickers – but the kitten was too scared, and would run whenever the volunteer gets too close to it.

After an hour, the team used a stick to prevent the kitten from hiding behind the opening. They finally managed to catch it inside a basket when it slipped and fell from the bridge.

Kind resident Fa Ying, who was the first to alert the authorities about the kitten, said: ‘I come here every day to feed the stray cats and dogs. I heard the cat crying for help.

‘I’m happy that we were able to save her. Now I will take her home with me and take care of her.’

Rescue volunteer Manoon Nilsanit said: ‘I believe the kitten was trapped up there for days as it was skinny and weak. Luckily we saved it and it was adopted the moment we brought it down so it will have a good home now.’