Passenger sets female bus conductor on FIRE after an argument over fares

A furious passenger set a bus conductor on FIRE killing her and himself after an argument over the fare.

Footage shows firefighters trying to control the blaze on a 60-seater coach which was engulfed in flames in Manila, the Philippines, on January 3.

Bus driver Valentino Obligasion, 45, said his female conductor Amelene Sembana had an argument with a passenger about the fare, which spiralled out of control before he attacked her.

He said: ‘I first noticed them fighting when the man shouted ‘What did you say?’. I immediately slowed down.

‘He then stood up and pushed Amelene to the end of the bus before they started to throw punches at each other.’

The driver stopped the bus to mediate with the two while the other frantic passengers scrambled out of the door.

Soon after the man took out a bottle of white liquid, believed to be petrol, which he doused on the lady conductor’s body.

He then set the conductor on fire using a lighter and sparked a blaze inside the vehicle.

One of the passengers, Jennifer Lutao, said the fire had spread quickly because of the installed plastic covers used as social distancing barriers in the bus.

She said: ‘We all jumped out of the doors and windows including the driver to save ourselves. It happened so fast.’

The man who started the fire was unable to escape the burning bus with the unconscious lady conductor.

Police officers and firefighters arrived at the scene but the two were already dead inside the burning bus.

The fire was put out after almost half an hour causing traffic congestion in the area, but no one was seriously hurt aside from the two who died.

Fire Inspector Lyn Mercado from the Fairview Fire Substation said they are still identifying the man who started the fire as he had no identification cards with him.

She said: ‘The investigations are ongoing and all of the witnesses’ accounts have been gathered.’