Kind hairdresser gives free haircuts to people struggling during Covid-19 pandemic


A kind hairdresser gives free haircuts and makeovers to homeless people during the lockdown.

Footage shows Marko Bustarde, 27, giving street children his free services in Caloocan City, the Philippines on January 27.

In the video, he found a group of youngsters selling flowers in the streets and asked them if they want to have their hairs fixed before proceeding with the makeover.

During the hairstyling session, Marko wore his GoPro camera to document his conversations with a boy who agreed to have his hair cut.

Marko can be heard saying in the background: ‘When was your last haircut? Why are you here?’

The boy responded: ‘A long time ago, I am with them.’ And pointed to the people watching them in front of a shopping mall entrance.

The hairdresser brings his hair cutting tools with him in a bag before roaming the streets and riding public transportation to find pe

He said he started doing this on Christmas Day (December 25) to give help to people but decided to continue with it to distract himself from drinking alcohol and smoking.

He said: ‘I have a lot of vacant time and most were spent drinking and smoking especially during the lockdown because our salon was closed down.

‘Now, we were permitted to operate again but I decided to continue with it because it felt good to give back.’

Aside from the hair cuts, he gives some of his free customers some groceries to take home to their families.

The kind artist added that he hopes more hairstylists would follow through and give free haircuts whenever they can.

He said: ‘A new hairstyle changes a person’s outlook and becomes more positive towards life.

‘Imagine if you can give it for free to change a person’s outlook, that would be more than enough payment.’

Marko now plans to buy a small bus so he could take better equipment with him wherever he goes and reach more cities.