Kind couple rescue dog stuck on steep mountain slope after being trapped for two days


Kind motorists saved a stray dog stuck on a steep mountain slope in the Philippines.

Estephanie Real and her husband spotted the pooch in distress while travelling home in Rizal province on February 2.

The couple stopped and asked around before a passer-by told them that the dog had been there for almost two days.

Worried about the dog, her husband Patrick braved the steep rocks to reach the dog and took it to their car to return into the village.

Estephanie said: ‘My husband has a big heart for animals so when we heard that the dog had been there for two days, we were devastated.

‘Locals were afraid that the stray dog could bite them so they could not go near it. I just hope people are more informed about stray animals.

‘We have eight dogs and two cats living in our house and they were all adopted from the street so we know they are sweet.’

Estephanie Real and her husband took the animal to the nearby village, where locals gave it fresh water.