Thai street food stall sells delicious rainbow-coloured cheese toasties

A Thai street food stall sells wacky rainbow-coloured cheese toasties.

The vendor prepares the street snack by putting the dyed cheese on a slice of bread, then grilling it until the cheese becomes stringy and gooey before another bread slice is placed on top.

The sandwich is then flipped over back and forth on the hot pan until it becomes brown and crispy.

The stall, named E-Ped Cheeseland, makes the toasties with different flavours such as garlic and Thai chili paste to serve hungry customers in Bangkok, Thailand.

Visitors can also choose from different options such as regular cheese toast, black charcoal bread, regular cheese filling, or rainbow-coloured cheese.

The colourful cheesy toast stall operates in various pop-up food markets around Bangkok from noon until midnight.