Pet dog rescued after getting his head stuck in a discarded plastic jar


A naughty dog had to be rescued after getting his head stuck in a discarded plastic jar while trying to reach a snack.

Prateep Na Suwan, 45, found his beloved pet running and crying in his backyard in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand on February 3.

He approached the animal and tried to calm it down as it was struggling to free itself from the container that had enclosed its head.

The worried pet owner tied a leash on the five-year-old pooch’s neck to keep it from running around frantically and called the animal rescuers for help.

Upon arriving, they checked on the dog, named Jao Kao, which continued to yelp silently in the backyard and began to remove the plastic on its head.

One rescuer cut away pieces of the plastic to widen the jar’s hole using huge scissors while another team member held the leash firmly as the dog kept moving around.

They sprayed the dog’s neck with water from time to time to keep it moist as his skin had tugged with the plastic’s sharp edges.

The dog’s was freed after almost half an hour – before he rolled on the ground in delight.

The relieved pet owner said his dog had always been playful and curious but was glad he was not hurt.

Prateep said: ‘I noticed that he was playing with this jar for a while until his head was stuck in it. I think he tried to reach a snack inside.’