Security guard miraculously survives lightning bolt that struck his umbrella in Indonesia

A security guard miraculously survived after a bolt of lightning struck his umbrella.

Abdul Rosyid, 35, was patrolling an open area at a depot in the coastal town of Cilincing in North Jakarta, Indonesia, on December 20 when the incredible incident happened.

CCTV footage captured the moment a lightning bolt zapped the umbrella Abdul was holding. The lightning instantly vapourised the umbrella and sent sparks flying, while Abdul was knocked to the ground, motionless.

The security guard, still alive after being electrocuted, was rushed by his colleagues to a nearby hospital. He reportedly only sustained burns to his hand, and was discharged after four days.

Cilincing Police Commissioner R Manurung said the security guard had recovered after the lightning strike. The police chief added: ‘It happened on Monday December 20 afternoon. The guard was hospitalised for four days. Now he is healthy.’

Lightning is caused by electrical imbalances between the clouds and the ground. About 100 cloud-to-ground bolts strike the Earth every second, with each bolt containing up to a billion volts of electricity.