Thai hunks entertain restaurant diners by dancing in lingerie while they serve food

Ripped Thai guys entertain restaurant diners by dancing in revealing lingerie while they serve food.

The muscular men work at the seafood restaurant that has become popular thanks to the staff’s hilarious and suggestive performances in Bangkok, Thailand

Donning nightgowns that reveal their bulging pectorals, the lads provocatively gyrate their hips while female customers film the amusing scene on their phones.

Footage from a meal during the festive holiday on December 29 shows them serenading a birthday girl with a song, before breaking out into a flamboyant dance number.

The staff also wear themed cosplay outfits such as Pikachu costumes and colourful makeup to attract customers to the restaurant.

Bosses at the restaurant, called Sataneemeehoi, said the male performances were tongue-in-cheek and mimicked the way that attractive young Thai females are used in bars and restaurants to pull in customers.

The owner Veerasak Mahsahaao said: ‘There are so many bars that use pretty girls to attract customers but I realised there were no places with guys. So I thought ‘why not?’. Men can do this just like girls.

‘Everything we do is fun and family-friendly. The staff and the customers all enjoy the experience. It’s unique.’

Sataneemeehoi sells different types of shellfish, grilled prawns, squid, and crabs. It opens every day from 6 pm to 12 pm in Hua Mum market in Bangkok’s Kaset Nawamin area.